• On Vacillation

    The following prose came to me some years ago, in two stages, at a hesitant time in my life. At that time I found it useful and validating, and it gave me a new sense of direction and confidence. Since then, it has continued to serve that purpose for me when personal doubt re-emerges. I share it here in the hope that others may also find it relevant to their current situation, or when doubt arises.



    First transmission.

    The whole Universe is poised, waiting to accelerate you
    into the future of your fully realised potential.
    And yet it will not interfere.
    You must make your choice known.
    You must commit first.

    There is all the time in eternity for this,
    in this lifetime or the next.
    God is forever patient.
    He will not be hurried.
    There are many lessons to be learned along the way.

    Take your time, stress not child.
    The outcome is as sure as its inception, as your conception.
    Slow down and enjoy,
    the scenery from the hilltops, the flowers beside the path,
    the silences deep in the valleys.

    You are on the path, your progress is assured.
    You will meet many companions along the way
    who will travel with you for a while.
    Some you will leave behind, some will wander off
    or go a little way ahead, as you pause.

    Do not be concerned, your safety is guaranteed,
    as is your destination, by Him who is already there,
    awaiting your arrival, with arms outstretched in welcome.
    You will join Him and take others with you,
    until all are brought home at last.

    United, as in the beginning,
    before time began,
    the illusion of separation finally dissolved forever,
    at one with The Absolute, completion perfected.
    The Plan now begins.

    Second transmission.

    I have said ‘you are on the path’. Expect some challenges.
    None more than you are capable of managing.
    Make no room for doubt.
    Engage Me as it occurs and I will strengthen and redirect you.
    In this way it will quickly become apparent to you that we need each other,
    And together we are unassailable.

    Expect to be worked hard.
    In this we are resolute,
    for time can be used against you as effectively
    as active sabotage by those who are fearful,
    and would delay and dissemble out of ignorance.

    Your dream is their fear.
    It is they also we serve.
    Hold them with compassion in your thoughts,
    and strength will return doubled,
    their function served for Truth.

    There is no way back for you.
    Nor would you in your heart wish to return,
    for there is no need to re-experience
    the lessons once learned,
    nor old pleasures once savoured.

    Ahead lies the fulfilment of your function here,
    and the little progress you make each day,
    eases the way many fold for those who would follow.
    In this way, no measure you can perceive
    will accurately weigh the worth of our work together.

    Be fearless in My strength,
    as if it were your own,
    for thus it becomes.
    Know you are safe.
    You are source.

    * To vacillate – To waver in mind or opinion, to fluctuate
    – To stagger, to sway unsteadily
    – To be irresolute or hesitant
    – Unsteady movement forward

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