• Why must help involve others?

    The following is from an esteemed early mentor of mine, Yoah Rishi, with whom I experienced much while both a participant and monitor/facilitator over several years at his Enlightenment Intensives. He in turn quotes a mentor of his, Charles Berner, a pioneer in the enlightenment movement in Australia.

    “The following two paragraphs by Charles Berner are excerpted from Chapter 13 of You, God, Love, Life: Self Transformation Principles (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1533652783). It answers the question why help always involves contact with others when you want to effect transformational change in respect to your personal and spiritual growth. Why can’t you just do it on your own? Why must help involve others?” – Yoah Rishi.

    “Why is help necessary? Why do we need each other in order to effect an improvement in our personal lives or in life in general? If people could improve by themselves it would be very convenient, but it doesn’t work. It is necessary to be in contact with others. The degree of improvement is proportional to the degree of contact.

    Help necessarily involves more than one person and makes sense only in terms of living life with one another. You are perfect and each other individual is perfect too as I have said. Individuals do not need improvement. You cannot add anything to an uncreated Divine entity. All the troubles and difficulties that exist are between you and the other person. This does not mean in the space between bodies in the physical world but between individuals who, as Divine, exist outside of and separate from, the physical world and any concepts of space or time. It is not easy to relate to others and to communicate deeply to one another. Yet, that is what we have set out to do. To reveal ourselves fully to each other. Many things can go wrong in trying to reach this goal. Improvement is taking steps toward this goal and therefore necessitates working on and resolving misunderstandings. Removing the barriers between yourself and others is the only real progress in life, which is why you feel better if you talk to someone and tell them what is on your mind. It is impossible to reach a better understanding with someone unless you deal directly with him. Improvement consists of getting this increased understanding. Any action which does this is help. No matter what the problem is, whether it is lack of money, inability, poor health, unhappiness, or war. Working it out is going to involve the co-operation and assistance of another individual.”

    – From Chapter 13 Help: Why Help is Necessary.

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