I came to Australia as a teenager in the 1960’s.
It was a very traumatic time for me, but over the years I put it behind me.
I did not realise that it was in the background waiting to rise.
Recently, whenever I have been asked about arriving from England I would become very emotional and be unable to talk about it without crying.
After three sessions with Paul I am now able to talk about the experience openly, and even laugh about certain aspects of it.
Thank you Paul, for your understanding and help.


Since the three sessions with Paul, I have noticed that with my elderly mother I am a lot more compassionate and relaxed. I accept that I cannot ‘fix’ her life or make her happy. I am now more calm and relaxed and less reactive. I am assertive and can mostly walk away if I have to.
Since embracing all my other ‘selves’ into my heart, I am a lot kinder and less critical of myself. I used to be a lot more critical of myself and others. I am able now to express my wishes and to say ‘no’ without fear of rejection. When I decide now, I am a lot more confident with my decision.
I loved the process of being able to forgive my younger selves and embrace them. I was able to forgive others from the past and to hug my father whom I did not hug enough when he was alive!
Paul was compassionate and professional.

A new book

I have just finished my three sessions with Paul and want to share my experience as the first step in making a difference for others out there. Still grieving my late father’s sudden passing and my mother’s current illness, I was not coping well. Paul and I worked on building my self esteem, anger, lack of energy and panic attacks. Recently I was facing a possible loss of my mum as well, and whilst in this state of fear, seeing the colour red gave me strength. (The symbolic colour red was introduced in session one).
Paul was also very supportive and available any time I needed to call him. In session one Paul introduced me to me.  A me I had not even met. She looked like me and wore my clothes, but she was a strong, capable, beautiful, warm and loving woman with so much power. This woman has stayed with me since, providing guidance and strength.
Family and friends have seen the difference in my confidence and I don’t feel angry any more, especially since the conversation I had with my dad in one of the sessions.
I also have more energy and am not overwhelmed by the day ahead. I feel that this is the beginning of a new book in my life, and I have no words to describe the gratitude for Paul.
Paul’s energy is so comforting that I have asked to continue to see him.
Thank you so much Paul, you appeared at the right time.